Beautiful Ideas to Decorate with Decorative Pillows

Tips and ideas for decorating with cushions

Decorating with cushions or decorative pillows is one of the quickest and cheapest solutions to give your home interior, a new and elegant look.

They can completely change the atmosphere of your living room or bedroom.

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Decorative pillows as traditional decorative element

Cushions are a very traditional decorative accessory and are never lacking in the home interior décor no matter the design style.

They also are versatile items. You can place them on the sofa in the living room, on the bed in the bedroom, on the chairs in the dining room, or on the bench in the hallway.

In other words, practically any space in your home is a good place for decorative pillows.

In addition, if you are bored with the décor, you can change very easily the cushions. In fact, it is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to transform the look of your living space.

It is fun to decorate with cushions. Playing with colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, and textures allow you to completely change the look of your home interior.

Although, it is a simple, easy, and fun task, sometimes you can find it difficult to do it.

Why? For example, do you know how many decorative pillows to place on the living room sofa?

It is very important not to fall short but at the same time, not to go too far either.

Allow me to give you a tip. Always place one more decorative pillow than the sofa seats number. This is the golden rule in decorating with cushions.

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Combination of prints and colors

Give free rein to your imagination and combine the cushions by chromatic tones, colors, nuances, and patterns.

Play with stripes, squares, or some free drawings but always be careful not to overdo. Not more than two-three patterns in a room.

Cushions add color and texture the living space décor

Decorative pillows, as decorative accessory, adorn and embellish a living space.

They look great on a neutral background such a white, grey, or light color sofa. They bring vitality to the overall look of the room.

The ideal is to combine two or three patterns with plain ones.

In fact, there are many ways to bring cushions in the décor such as:

  • Different prints at the same tone.
  • Two color combination such white and blue or black and white.
  • Decorative pillows with botanical pattern – in this way you can bring nature in the overall décor.
  • White cushions with beige details – always a classic look.
  • … and much more.

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