Best Small Living Room Design Ideas for You

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How to furnish and decorate a small living room?

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Furnishing and Decorating Factors

Furnishing and decorating a living room, and especially a small living room is far from an easy task.

There are so many factors to take in consideration if you want to make the most of your limited living space.

There is no optimal design fit for everyone. Every makeover project is different in accordance with the lifestyle and taste of the occupants.

However, there are several basic rules that you can follow if you want your small living room to be elegant, comfortable and look more spacious than it really is.

It is well known that plenty of light, especially natural light has a decisive impact of the look of a small living space. Also, the size and shape of the layout.

You do not have to forget that furnishing and decorating style also plays a major role.

So, you need to analyze your living room before starting your makeover project.

Take Advantage of the Vertical Space

In small living spaces, and especially small living rooms, it is always a good idea to think vertically. In other words, to take advantage of the walls.

They are large surfaces and cand be used for storing your small stuff or for displaying artwork such as large, modern paintings.

You will find many examples in our uploaded YouTube video.

So, using the height in your small living space is a must. You can place a narrow cabinet against the wall that will make your small living room to look higher.

You can also place wall-mounted floating shelves on them. They are perfect for storing small stuff.

Spacious and Large Furniture

It is odd, but small furniture pieces can make your small space to look smaller. Sometimes, a space looks larger when you use larger furniture pieces. This is a great interior designer trick.

But be very careful. You can use a larger low-profile piece of furniture such as a sectional sofa.

Other robust furniture pieces such as large cabinets will make your living room to appear even smaller.

It works extremely well to use light and glossy materials such as metal or glass.

Living Room Decorating Tips

Let’s see several design tips that can help you in your decorating project.

  1. Group your decorating accessory stuff and try to let the floor empty. A simple rug area and several plants are more than enough for a small living room.
  2. Just an eye-catcher or a focal point for a small living room. Not too many striking elements. For example, a neutral background and a yellow sofa.
  3. Keep the space bright, light, and airy. We already told you about the importance of light. But using light materials and fabrics in your decorating project is important too.
  4. Less is More. Yes, it is true. Do not forget that.

Of course, there are many other tips and ways that can help you to turn your small living space into a comfortable space. We will speak about them in our future articles.

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