How to Unclog a Sink Using a Sink Auger

Clogged drains are a common problem for any home, regardless if the building is new or older. It is important to be careful when using a sink, but unfortunately, in time, no matter how careful you are dirt, hair, and soap build up inside the drain, clogging the drain.

Unclogging the sink is the only solution. It is the best to approach this problem as quickly as possible, before the clog has become increasingly worse.

Generally, it is relatively easy to unclog a sink; no need to call a plumber. Any handy homeowner with little experience can do it.

There are several ways to unclog a drain. Important is to know if the clog is accessible, in the top part of the sink because otherwise you need to take the sink apart.

However, you can unclog a sink or a tub using a tool named Sink Auger.

NOTE: Do not use Sink Auger to remove a clog from a toilet. For toilet, you can use “Water Closet Auger”, also known as “Toilet Auger”.

Sink Auger is a very practical and useful tool, also known as “Canister Auger” or “Drumr Auger”.

How Sink Auger Works

Sink Auger consists of:

– Flexible cable
– Steel auger bit at the end of flexible cable
– Thumb Set Screw that locks the cable
– Spinning Drum Canister – the flexible cable is coiled within it

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Steps to Take when is an Accessible Clog

1. Remove the Lavatory sink  stopper;
2. Loosen the thumb set screw;
3. Extend the flexible cable inside the sink drain;
4. Extend the cable until you feel a resistance. That means you have reached the clog;
5. Extend the cable with 12 inches more length;
6. Now you need to tight the set screw;
7. Turn the handle of the spinning drum canister until the steel auger reach the drain clog;

8. Loosen a little the set screw and extend more cable;
9. Tighten again the set screw and turn the handle of the drum canister until you feel your steel auger bit worked through the drain clog;
 10. Withdraw the flexible cable, and the clog is out; drain will start to flow;
 11.Flush the drain with hot water;

Steps to Take when is not an Accessible Clog

In this case, you cannot reach the clog with the auger cable. Therefore, you need to take the sink apart.

1. You need to remove the trap, but before to do that, place a bucket under the sink for the water from the sink;
2. Remove the trap and extend the flexible cable inside the horizontal section of the drain;
3. Proceed as for an accessible clog;
4.When you finish clean the cable and before storing it, spray it with a lubricant such as WD-40.

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