How You Can Furnish and Decorate in Just Few square feet

Set up a small apartment – our best tips

How we have said in our previous articles the storage options cumulate with a lack of space play an important role when it comes to furnishing and decorating a small living space.

Unfortunately, this is the generally case in our days. Especially in the big cities, this type of living is “popular” due to expensive living and lack of space.

However, you can still feel comfortable in just a few square feet. Check out our best tips but not before watching our new uploaded video. We have selected there new, beautiful, and creative ideas for a small apartment.

Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas, #8 (video)

Back to our tips and ideas:

  • One of the best ideas is to use multifunctional when it comes to furnishing and decorate a small apartment. For example, a bench that also works as a chest, a coffee table with drawers, a sofa bed, a folding table, wall secretary, and so on.
  • A small apartment is challenging, especially when different living needs come together in the same living space. So, it is important to divide the room in specific areas. We have written about that in our older articles. In addition to lighting, area rugs, and color this can also be created with the help of simple room dividers such as glass walls, sliding doors, furniture pieces, curtains, screens, etc.
  • What do you think about using lightweight outdoor furniture to furnish your living space? Because in many cases they are designed for small outdoor spaces, they can easily be folded or stowed. Therefore, they are also a good choice for furnishing a small apartment.
  • A smart idea is to use acrylic, transparent furniture as ghost chairs and tables or even wire chairs. They give a sensation of more space.
  • Choose different color palettes for specific areas. For your bedroom can use a darker color combination, more fit for a resting space. For the kitchen and dining area you can use a light color scheme that make the space looks larger than it really is.
  • In addition to an optimal storage space, the vertical space can also be efficiently used for your decorative objects.
  • Finally, the old and well-known trick with mirrors that make the space look bigger.

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New design ideas for this year

So, how to downsize from a living space from over 1,200 sq ft to just 500 sq ft without going crazy?

Watch our video and read our tips and you can have a fresh start on a lesser living space.

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