Living Rooms that Double as Entryway

House front entry area

Front entry area is probably the most used parts of your home, no matter if you live in a small apartment or in a large family house.


So, it should be a practical, functional, attractive, and safe zone.

But what can you do when your living room work double-duty as a front entry?

In other words, you do not have a vestibule, an entrance hallway.


The rules remain the same. Your living room is and will also act as an entryway. It should also be practical, functional, and with an attractive look.

Perhaps more attractive than usual. After all, it makes the first impression for anyone who visit your place. It is your business card.

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Living Rooms that Double as Entryway (video)

You will find here, around forty fabulous design ideas for contemporary living rooms that double as home entryways.


The home entrance way – the border between outside and inside

Yes, in a way the entryway, no matter if it is a hallway, a vestibule, or your living room marks the border between a private space (your own home) and the outside world.

The relationships between these areas can be shaped in various ways. All depends on your taste, lifestyle, social norms, your needs, and interior design trends.

You can blur the border, or you can emphasize it.


A living room is a multifunctional place

It is well known, and you have seen many times in our articles and videos that any living room is a multifunctional place. Depending on the needs, it can play various role from gathering space, family room, leisure room to work room.

So, it is the perfect place to receive your guests, to rest, and watch TV. And speaking about guests.

Many times, the layout of our home forced us to also use our living room as the entryway in our home. No worries!

After all, a living room design, which double as the front entrance way is not so different from an ordinary living room. Perhaps you will need more storage space and clothes hangers.

Anyway, make sure you have comfortable sofas and armchairs that will invite you to rest.



Even if we like open spaces, it is worth dividing and separating the living room from the entrance door.


Easy. With the help of a bookcase, a fragment of a wall, potted plants, or a wardrobe.

After all, by separating the living room from the entryway you will gain extra space to hang clothes.

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