Living in a Master-Planned Community – Benefits

Master-Planned Community” is a term used increasingly more in the “Real Estate” industry. However, not everyone is familiar with this term. Perhaps you have seen many times this phrase in various magazines or online, and you have wondered what is the meaning of these words.

Master-Planned Community

A planned community is actually as a small town that has been built according to a well-prepared plan. You can meet these Master-Planned Communities both in the United States and in Canada.

They are in stark contrast to ordinary communities that develop randomly, without any prior planning. In the United States generally, these communities have a condominium ownership and are usually, gated. In both countries Master-Planned Communities are usually, constructed in undeveloped areas. However, in Canada there are slightly differences.

In this article, I will try to present some important aspects of a Master-Planned Community in Canada and the benefits of such community.

1| Well-Prepared Plan

If you are a buyer trying to find the home of his dreams in a safe and modern community, you will appreciate this.

You will be able to see how it looks this community since the design phase. Sales centers have usually, plans and 3D models, which show in detail the architectural concept, and the zonal location of this community.

So, you will be able to have an overview of the coming years. You will know that you cannot expect unpleasant surprises such as starting a gravel pit or an auto-body shop construction, near your new home.

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2| Master-Planned Community has a large Area

Generally, every Master-Planned Community is quite large. In many cases they exceed 800 acres.

 3| Many Types of Housing Options

In many cases, these communities have more housing options.

Generally, any Master-planned community in Canada offers more than one housing type. They quite often, offer townhomes, semi-detached houses, detached houses and occasionally have incorporated several condominiums.

These housing types are often, grouped together and form several smaller communities within this Master-Planned Community.

4| Master-Planned Community has a Nice Curb of Appeal

Because these Master-Planned Communities are conceived and designed within the same plan, they will have a harmonious and beautiful aesthetic look.

Whatever types of homes are, they will be built keeping the same home style. Moreover, all elements such as fences, gates, park benches, lampposts, etc will be very carefully chosen, to integrate into the picture.

5| Master-Planned Community is a Pedestrian-Friendly Community

These communities are fully integrated in an appropriate landscape with trails, parks, playgrounds, etc. In fact, they are pedestrian and cyclist friendly communities. They are designed both for an active life and for peace and serenity.

6| Other Benefits

Two or three communities can be part of a larger community. This means that two or more developers may join their properties. Of course, this is a great advantage for potential buyers. More options and more municipal facilities.

At the same time, these two or more Master-Planned Communities will have a uniform style and aesthetic appearance. A larger community will be better, served by municipal public transportation.

In conclusion, such community is a good investment for any homebuyer.

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