Is a room with navy blue walls completely avant-garde in terms of decoration? Not at all; it’s a true classic! Although navy blue is a dark and powerful hue, it is also a universal color that works well as a foundation for room design projects. Furthermore, navy blue is a hue that complements a wide range of furniture and accessories. Here are some pointers to help you decide where to put a navy blue wall in your residence!

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The hue navy blue relates to depth and tranquility while also being sophisticated and elegant. Its features will thus be beneficial in decorating the apartment’s two most significant rooms. Navy blue walls will bring elegance to the living room, and they may assist create a setting that fosters quiet and relaxation in the bedroom. Navy blue also pairs well with contrasting hues like white or gray.

This makes it an ideal addition to kitchens and baths. When combined with light furnishings, navy blue creates the illusion of a fresh, clean, and more expansive atmosphere. Navy blue walls may thus be employed in a variety of places, depending on your preferred style and the ambiance you wish to create. We’ll show you some instances of navy blue on the walls in different rooms of the residence below.

Photo by Last Detail Interior DesignDiscover living room design inspiration


Navy blue is a noble hue, making it an excellent choice for the living room. In the living room, use navy blue to complement the color of the wall we wish to highlight. It might be the wall behind the sofa, the television, or another focus point in the living area. To complement the heavy, dominating tone, the remaining walls should be a lighter hue.

In an art deco design, the navy-blue wall in the living room will look amazing. In this aesthetic, navy blue is combined with gold, which must be present in accessories and accents.

A velvet sofa mixed with patterned wallpaper with geometric designs, a mirror with a gold frame, and black drapes should be the focal point of this room. Intriguing art deco artwork would be the finishing touch to such a design.

A combination of a navy-blue wall and delicate colors of pastel pink can be used as an alternative to beautiful art deco, adding a romantic touch, freshness, and lightness to the room. However, navy blue and gray will be the most basic and neutral combo. It will function nicely in modern living rooms where we don’t want to incorporate any unique style and instead seek timeless comfort.

Photo by SLC InteriorsMore bedroom photos


Navy blue relates to calm, making it an excellent option for the bedroom – it will create an intimate and soothing ambiance. The navy-blue wall in the bedroom may be behind the bed or on the opposite wall, depending on the configuration of the space. It is critical to paint the wall near a window or a source of artificial light to bring out the depth of the navy-blue hue. While navy blue seems dreary and somber in the shadow, good lighting can highlight its beauty and make the environment more pleasant.

Because navy blue is a hue linked with water and sky, it will always be associated with a nautical style or the coastal ambience of the Hamptons style. A navy-blue bedroom wall looks excellent in contrasting, nautical combinations, such as white bedding, white and navy-blue cushions, and wall art with marine elements. In turn, the Hamptons style likes more muted color combinations, thus a navy-blue wall should be paired with items in blue, gray, turquoise, or beige.

Photo by Grossmueller’s Design ConsultantsMore kitchen ideas


The kitchen is a space where navy blue tones naturally occur. If the navy-blue wall in the kitchen contrasts with lighter hues, the interior design will be aesthetically tidy.

It will look particularly nice with white furnishings and light marble surfaces. If furnished in a modern manner, such a kitchen will appear incredibly sanitary and appealing. On the kitchen wall, we must hang minimalist posters in soft hues. Choose navy blue plates, vases, and fabrics for this kitchen decorating – they will create exceptional elegant and traditional elegance.

A romantic decoration in a Provencal or rustic style is another option for a kitchen with a navy-blue wall. The navy-blue wall would look stunning when combined with blue and white Portuguese tiles or blue and white ceramics on the table and sideboards. Blue kitchen curtains with a floral or mosaic theme will provide the final touch to the space.

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