Stunning White Home Interiors with Light Color Floors

Great ways to combine the color of the walls and doors with the floor color

It is so important for a successful makeover project to know how to harmonize your finishes and colors.

I am sure that you have wondered many times how to combine the wall and door colors with the color of your floor. And it is normal to do that. After all, both flooring and walls have a large surface and therefore a great impact visual.

White Home Interior 1

They together with the color of the doors have an important role in the decorative style of the home interior.

There are a series of interior decorating rules that will help you know how to choose the color of the each of three elements so that they perfectly fit into the overall décor.

But before starting my dissertation please watch our new uploaded video from the YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” where we have chosen for you amazing white home interiors featuring light color floorings.

Stunning White Home interiors with Light Color Floors (video):

Of course, as usually our video is in 4K, 60 fps.

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White Home Interior 2
Match the color of the walls and interior décor with the color of the floors

How I have already told you the floor is a fundamental part of the house and particularly of each of the rooms.

It strongly conditions the color combination over the years.

And the floor color must be taken into consideration when choosing the color of the décor and implicitly the color of the walls.

White Home Interior 3
Light color floor – recommendations

How to choose the right light paint tone?

Simple.  You need to know that a light floor widens the environment and also is suitable to contrasts in paintings, furniture, and decorative accessories.

A light color floor in combination with a white overall décor makes wonders. The home interior will look bright, fresh, airy, and will definitely looks more spacious than it really is.

So, watch our new uploaded video and welcome to a home experience beyond the usual.

You will be amazed by the beauty of these brilliant white open spaces where everything from floors, walls to furniture and decorative accessories capture and reflect and multiply the light creating in this way fabulous home interiors.

We sincerely hope you like our ideas from this post, and you have also enjoyed the YouTube video.

I hope you will find many inspiring ideas in this video.

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