Tips that can give your living room a boost (part 2)

Please continue to read here, the second part of the article “Tips that can give your living room a boost”. You can find here other creative ways to change the look of your living room.

Find the right focal point of the room

One of the best tips when it comes to decorate your living room is to start your project from the room’s focal point.

Living Room

It can be anything from fireplace or window to a TV wall or a great accent wall.

However, if your living room does not have a specific focal point, you can easily create one. It can be a special large lamp, a vintage mirror, or a large decorative painting. A large, high-quality sofa can also be the focal point of the room.

The eye of the person who gets inside is naturally drawn in the focal point direction, so let’s start furnishing and decorating from there.

Also fit is a good idea to choose the entire color palette based on the focal point colors. The result will be a great overall look.

Take as an example, an exposed brick wall. It will be fabulous to choose furniture and decoration colors for that match it.

If a gorgeous sofa is the living room focal point, then the sofa color will decide the color scheme in the room.

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Choose only furniture based on the room size

A too big furniture size for a small living room size, is not really a good choice. The living room will seem smaller than it really is.

You need a living room with a more harmonious impression. The furniture size must be proportional with the living room size, not too big or too small.

Paint a wall in a different color or wallpaper it

This a simple but a genial tip that can make a huge difference. Paint in a different color or wallpaper an accent wall. No matter where it is behind the sofa or being the same with the TV wall.

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Carpets and area rugs have an important aesthetical effect

Most of us wrongly underestimate the effect of area rugs and carpets. A beautiful rug in front of the sofa can help to beautify your living room. At the same time, it has an unifying effect bringing all the elements (furniture and decorative accessories) together.

Mirrors enlarge visually and open up the living room

It is well-known the effect of mirrors in small spaces. They reflect the light and make a small space to look larger.

More than that, if you place a large mirror on the opposite wall, which is facing a window, it will give the illusion of two identical windows in your living room.

Decorative accessories and plants

Indoor potted plants bring life, color, and texture in your living room and at the same time providing a better indoor climate.

Good, high-quality furniture is extremely important, but also the decorative accessories, the small details. For example, nice decorative pillows, a new modern lamp, or something new, unexpected on the coffee table can help lift your living room.

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