Tips to Paint Your Kitchen Appliances

If you want to give your home appliances a new look, maybe their painting is the best solution. After all, their painting may result in an improved overall look of your kitchen.

You cannot fail to notice that over time your household appliances lose their shining appearance, becoming more boring, old and shabby without the dazzling luster that they have had from the beginning, not to mention the scratches and peeled paint on their surface.

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The first solution is to buy new appliances. But, perhaps your household appliances work well and efficiently, and after all, you have to consider the cost of new appliances, which could significantly affect your budget.

A simpler and infinitely less expensive solution, is to give them a new look. A new coat of paint over their surface will restore their previous shine, while masking all the scratches and imperfections acquired over time. Their painting is done with a special paint designed for metal surfaces.

It is highly recommended not to use regular paint for walls. It will not properly adhere and even if it will do for the moment, it will peel over time.

For your kitchen appliances you can use two types of paint:

a)  Paint that can be applied by brush;
b)  Aerosol Paint (Spray Paint);

How to Use Properly the Appliance Paint

Painting your appliances is indeed the cheapest option to match your appliance color with the interior of your kitchen, as well as to renew their look. But before doing that you should know that not all the appliances can be painted.

There are kitchen appliances such as stoves, ovens, range tops and cooking hobs that emanate high temperatures and of course, any applied paint will melt and will damage your appliance.

There are many other appliances that can be painted such as dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens or food processors that are suitable for this application.  However, before starting it is a good idea to read carefully the instruction on the paint container label regarding the paint compatibility with your kitchen appliance.

However, the paint for household appliances can be used with good results, to cover the surfaces of stainless steel, if you want to give your kitchen a new look.

How to Paint Your Kitchen Appliance

First you need to decide what kind of paint you are going to use (for brush or spray paint) and what colour. In fact, choosing a color has a tremendous importance over the overall look of your kitchen.

A paint spray is recommended if you want to paint the entire surface of the appliance. It works well and covers evenly the surface. However, if you want only to cover some shriveled paint spots or scratches then a brush and some appliance paint is more than enough.

1| Clean the surface with a solution of water and vinegar to remove all dirt, dust and grime. Clean thoroughly all the crannies and nooks that can be filled with dirt.

2| Pay attention to the rusted areas. First you should sand gently these areas, wipe them with a clean cloth and apply a special solution to prevent further rusting.

3| Allow time to dry and you can start your job. Cover the floor around the appliance  with some paper or a cloth to protect it.

4| If you are using paint spray try to paint from a side to the other side in an even coat holding the spray tub about one foot away.

5| Before applying the second coat allow the first coat to dry for at least 24 hours.

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