Two or More Small Coffee Tables – A Bigger Visual Impact than A Single One

A coffee table, a sofa – two items always present in any living room. More than that, they are the focal point of the room.

But why you have to use just one coffee table in your design project. The truth is that just one coffee table sounds an affordable solution and reasonable given the sometimes limited space that you have available. After all, one coffee table fit in any living room even if it is a tiny one.

Creative Furniture Alternative Ideas | Unique Coffee and Side Tables (video)

But don’t be limited to only one! Choosing two or even more smaller coffee tables instead of just one will have a bigger visual impact and also comes with many other practical benefits. Definitely, you will have more flexibility in your design, which is great for a limited living space such as a small apartment or a tiny studio apartment, not to mention the overall look of your living room. In addition, you can consider choosing two or more smaller coffee tables with different heights for a more spatial look.

And don’t forget, the aspect of two items side by side has a bigger visual aesthetic impact than just a single object lying solo.

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