Warming Drawer – A Modern Accessory for Your Kitchen

Useful for warming plates before serving and for keeping the food warm, this ultra modern accessory was used until recently only in the great restaurants. But now you can use one in your home. Warming drawer is really an ingenious solution for modern kitchens, which began to be increasingly preferred by homeowners.

And after all why not? It can increase the comfort of your home. Some warming drawers are literally luxury objects. Among them it can also be found Jenn-Air warming drawer. It can offer you a wide range of options for entertaining and cooking. In fact, Jenn-Air is a convenient and smart alternative to any oven. It can roast vegetables and meat, proof bread, keep the food warm and warm also the plates before serving.

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But let’s see what it could mean a warming drawer for you.

Allows You to Serve Food in Heated Plates as Great Chefs

In large and famous restaurants, food is served on heated plates to preserve the flavor. Surprise your loved ones, family or friends, when you invite them to dinner and use the same technique.

The warming drawer is the accessory, and even the perfect replacement for the oven, which allows you to warm plates before filling them with your culinary preparations.

Keep the Food Warm and Tasty until the Arrival of Guests

Have you finished preparing the dinner, but your guests have not arrived yet? However, you should not be worried that your food would cool down and it will lose from flavor. Using thermal drawer you will keep your culinary dishes, hot and tasty for long time.

More than that, thanks to the smart air circulation system, the food will be maintained uniformly hot.

A New Way to Defrost Your Food or for the Leavening of Dough

The technology used by the warming drawer to heat your food can be useful even for the leavening of dough or for the rapid thawing of the frozen meat and vegetables. This revolutionary drawer creates the ideal atmosphere and keeps a constant temperature to allow the leavening of the dough.

It Has a Modern Design suitable for the Contemporary Kitchens

Nicely shaped and made ​​from stainless steel, the warming drawer fits perfectly in any kitchen, giving a modern look and why not luxurious to the cooking space.

In addition to always look clean and bright, this accessory has an anti-fingerprint coat.

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