What You Need to Know about Paint Thinners

In many painting works, coating or even cleaning, thinners are essential substances that streamline the paints and help to remove the grease stains. Let’s see together the types of these paint solvents and how to use them.

Paint Solvents
Paint Thinners

What are Paint Thinners?

The works of painting or coating require certain liquids (substances), which thins and streamlines the paints namely, paint thinners. Their purpose is only to thin the paint not to change the chemical composition of it. Sometimes, thinners can be even gaseous or solid substances, in which you can dissolve other substances. The solubility is of varying degrees, depending on the ratio of dissolution and the temperature at which the process occurs. Among the most common solvents, it can be included water, kerosene, benzene, acetone and toluene.

What are the Types of Paint Thinners?

1| Polyurethane Paint Thinner. This product is intended to adjust the viscosity application of enamels, lacquers, paints and primers based polyurethane in solution. It helps to keep all the properties of polyurethane paints, especially the gloss that can be compromised when using inappropriate products. It may also be used for cleaning tools, such as brushes and rollers, and stains from accidental splashing paint compatible with this type of diluent.

2| Epoxy Paint Thinner. This type of product is made from a mixture of several organic solvents and is perfect for the viscosity application adjustment lacquer and epoxy resin based paints.

3| Alkyd Paint Thinner. These types of solvents are used for adjusting the viscosity paints for wood, metal and masonry.

How to use Paint Thinners?

For thinning, paint thinner is added in small amounts in your paint, mixing continuously until desired consistency is obtained. Dilution is generally, done in a ratio of 3/1 between paint and thinner.

To clean and maintain properly your tools used in painting, they should be cleaned immediately after use. Previously you should remove the paint wiping them with a paper towel and then place your rolls and paintbrushes into a container with paint thinner for a while. Rinse them thoroughly with water and detergent.

Metal surfaces should be cleaned with a cloth soaked in paint thinner that will quickly clean oil stains or rust.

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