Wooden or plastic windows? Which one is the best?

Wooden and plastic windows – pros and cons

The window choice is one of the most important decisions made when renovating or building a house. Most of us ask themselves whether plastic or wooden windows will be better and what the pros and cons of their decision are. Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages that you should take in consideration before making your choice.

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Wooden windows.

Windows made from wood are characterized by appealing look and of course, natural finish, which increases their charm. They are also solid and durable, which means a long, long life. Wood windows also grant good acoustic and thermal insulation, which means better indoor comfort and most importantly, lower energy costs.

Wooden windows – advantages

Wooden windows are still very popular for countless reasons, including their durability, look, acoustic, and thermal insulation, and especially for their environmental friendliness. Let’s see several advantages of windows made from wood:

  • Aesthetics: Windows made from wood are attractive and they match almost any architectural styles. Why? Because wood is a natural material that gives any decor a cozy and warm look.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation: Wood windows are very good in acoustic and thermal insulation. As a result, of a good thermal insulation heating is of course, more effective and energy bills are lower.
  • Acoustic insulation: Wood has a natural capacity to inhibit sounds, which means that they are more effective in reducing the outside noise.
  • Long life: Wood windows are very durable. They can last for decades if properly cared for. Wood is also a pest and corrosion resistant material.
  • Eco-friendly material: Wood is an ecological and sustainable natural material. Compared to PVC and aluminum windows, which are made of synthetic materials and therefore, they are difficult to recycle, wood is more environmentally friendly.
  • Easily to renovate: Wood windows can be easily refreshed and renewed. In the case of abrasions, scratches, or other minor damage, they can be easily fixed without needing to replace the whole window.

Nevertheless, it is worth taking in consideration that wood windows require regular maintenance and care to maintain their look and durability.

Plastic windows

Let’s see now the plastic windows. They are cheaper and much, much simpler to maintain and care than their wood made counterparts. Plastic windows are also well-known by better acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as a longer durability. Many homeowners choose plastic windows instead of wood windows because of their relative low cost, no need to paint or maintain, not to mention easy to keep and clean. The choice between plastic and wood windows depends on several factors such as: your preferences, individual needs and of course your budget.

Plastic windows – advantages

Plastic windows, also better known as uPVC windows, are extremely popular to homeowners due to several main advantages, such as:

  • Better thermal insulation: PVC windows are extremely efficient in thermal insulation. They shield against heat loss from the inside of the home. As a result, a more efficient heating, and a lower bill.
  • Better acoustic insulation: PVC windows also are extremely efficient in dampening the outdoor noise.
  • A low price: uPVC windows are relatively inexpensive compared to wood or aluminum windows.
  • Durable with long life and ease of care and maintenance: PVC windows are resistant to pests and corrosion, not to mention that their surface is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Good weather conditions resistance: PVC windows are resistant to any extreme weather conditions such as snow, wind, rain, and UV radiation.
  • Simple and easier to install: PVC windows are lightweight and easy to install. Therefore, they are preferred for different types of building structures.
  • Easy to customize: PVC windows are coming in numerous colors, and different sizes and shapes. So, they can easily be adapted to personal aesthetic preferences and diverse architectural styles.

However, PVC windows are not as aesthetically looking as wood windows, and do not forget that their artificial material is not sustainable. Not to mention that in the event of window damage, it is frequently necessary to replace it in a whole.

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