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Light colors and nuances signal activity while dark colors imply calm and rest. These are the principal basic elements of color psychology that you can benefit from when choosing the color paint for each room of your home.

For many years, it has been known that colors affect people’s mood in different ways. Therefore, by your color selection, you can definitely, influence the mood in your home.

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After all it is a well-tested theory. There have been a lot of experiments with color psychology over the years. Basically, dark colors and hues can provide more tranquility, while bright colors can provide energy.

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Color psychology is used in many and various ways. You can get people to buy certain items with certain colors. Ambulances and emergency cars are red and because they are easily seen while the carriages are black because they signal respect and peace.

But what about your home?

It is well known that the red color can cause people’s blood pressure to rise and their excretion of stress hormones increases. Conversely, dark blue can cause people’s blood pressure to drop. So, it wouldn’t be a good bad idea to paint your bedroom red, and obvious it is much better to paint it in a dark blue or another dimmed color like brown or grey. Everybody knows that pink is a bad choice for the girls’ room. But it’s a little unfortunate that the girls’ rooms are traditionally pink while the boy’s children are light blue. Boys have been a bit lucky than the girls. Too blue, especially dark blue is a funny color. But pink is really a turbulent color and thus not so good for a room to sleep in, he explains.
Colors give different moods so when you want to paint the rooms in your home, you need to think about what energy you want in them. Yellow and red can be used in rooms where you want innovation and stimulus. Green is good for a room you want to be creative in. It is a mixture between something dark and bright, it is a color of hope.

You need to add color to your living room décor. Living rooms, lounge rooms or sitting rooms are in fact, all about creating a relaxing and comfortable space for your family and guest. Living room design is not a too difficult task once you learned several basic design rules.

Do you want to know more about colors and their impact on interior decorating.

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