Great Ways to Decorate with Plants, Home Decorating Ideas (part 1)

Surprising ways to decorate with plants

Do you want to add a little life, colors, and texture to your home interior?

Plants, and flowering plants are the answer and your best allies in home decoration.

An easy, simple, and affordable way to change the look of your home interior.

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Here, in our post as in our uploaded video from YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” you will find how to integrate them into the décor.

Great Ways to Decorate with Plants, Home Decorating Ideas (part 1) (video)

Smart and creative ideas to decorate with plants, from small ones to large ones in beautiful ceramic pots.

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Original ways to decorate with plants

There are so many ways to decorate with plants, from the hanging baskets and pots to large floor standing potted plants, but let’s see several original ways to use them in your home decoration.

  1. Wreath – Cute wreaths that can be used both inside and outdoors, for example on your front door.
  2. Mini garden – Group your small potted plants into a small inside garden. Place them on the floor and on a small side table.
  3. Wall mesh – Help a small climbing plant to goes around on a wall, using a simple wall chart. You will have a splendid small, green décor.
  4. Kitchen plants – Incorporate some greenery into your kitchen, hanging several flowerpots on a blackboard. Or maybe better, instead of flowerpots, use herbs.
  5. Old chest of drawers – Splendid idea to make a green corner. Put your favorite plants in the empty drawers of the old furniture.
  6. Small wall-mounted cones – An unconventional way to decorate the wall is to place small plants in small cones on the wall, each one on different levels. It is a great idea, especially for succulents. They will brighten your living space.
  7. Placing them on a tray – for example a baking tray. An original and fancy way to display small greenery.
  8. Suspended in small tubes – a cute way to display multicolored plants.

These are just several ideas. Use your creativity and turn your living space into an inside garden. Do not forget that decorating with plants is one of the simplest and easiest way to improve the look of your home interior, no matter the style or size.

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