Best Living Rooms DESIGN IDEAS – Using objects in neutral colors

A living room in neutral colors is calm and minimalistic.

As hectic as everyday life is, a living room where everything is in neutral tones is so calm and minimalistic. This kind of living room has a name: Scandinavian style living room. The Scandinavian living room is an emerging trend that can be seen in more and more homes. It is precisely because of all the hustle and bustle that there is a need for interior design with simplicity.

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A serene and peaceful living room.

A living room interior, where everything is neutral colors from the walls to furniture and decorative accessories is characterized by minimalism. Not too much unnecessary furniture and accessories, a Scandinavian interior consists of simple and functional furniture that has a warm appearance. Neutral colors and natural materials are used, such as natural earth tones and wood.

Use of natural colors and materials

Everything begins with natural colors and materials. A wooden floor can be found in a Scandinavian living room. This can be either wood or white. Light tones such as white and lighter grey tones are appropriate wall colors. This ensures a good, preferably light, foundation.

Provide plenty of (natural) light.

A lot of natural light, in addition to light materials and colors, is essential. Lots of light promotes serenity, making the place appear optically larger. If you don’t have huge windows that let in a lot of light, hang lights or place lamps on the floor to create a bright area!

Minimalist and functional furniture

Scandinavian furniture is practical, minimalist, and comes in light or warm colors. Less is more; you don’t need to fill your entire living room with furnishings. Choose fewer pieces of furniture that are larger than all of the different chairs and side tables. Natural materials are vital to consider when purchasing furniture. Choose a wooden side table, for example, to create a tranquil environment and coherence in your Scandinavian living room.

Decorative accessories

Of course, decoration follows the furniture! Decoration, contrary to popular belief, produces a warm and simple mood in a Scandinavian living room. Plants, for example, offer a large and tranquil impact and are thus essential for your Scandinavian living room! Consider a banana plant or a palm tree. Furthermore, avoid using too many small accessories in favor of larger, quieter items such as a larger candle holder.

The importance of wall decoration in a Scandinavian living room cannot be overstated. It creates a nice feeling, but if you choose the wrong wall decoration, it can rapidly become too crowded, losing its simplicity.

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