Summer colors in the home interior design

Fresh and delicious summer colors.

Fresh and delicious summer colors.

The return of summer is accompanied by a beam of tangy, savory colors that are welcome to see again after months of hibernation, just as they are in our changing rooms when we go shopping for new clothes. These hues, which are frequently referred to as seasonal fruits and vegetables (lemon yellow, tomato red, and peach pink, to name just a few), light our houses with their largely vitamin-rich colors. They invite themselves in by refreshing the paint on the walls and ceiling, or they quietly accentuate the design with basic linens. It is not necessary to go over every decoration to welcome summer within. For instance, all it takes to summon it in an entrance is a colored drape.

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Small Spaces #2, Small Living Rooms in Cozy Colors (video)

Many of us want colors to revisit the home interior.

We desire new home color schemes as we anticipate a warm summer. The decision, however, proves to be more challenging than anticipated because of the contrast between a mint wall’s freshness and the kitchen’s delicate tomato-red cabinets. The summery color scheme does certainly conjure up all the things we long for as summer (and the corresponding holidays) draw near, including superb light with a piercing blue sky as a backdrop, food that has been cooked in the sun, and the sensation that nature is exploding with colors and scents. Therefore, with a few well selected subtleties, we want to capture the entire ambiance. Here are some ideas for bringing one or more summer colors into the house, including candy pink brushstrokes, a sofa inspired by lavender fields, and an orange curtain.

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