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Blue color and its tones and hues are perhaps, one of the keys to create a classic, serene and peaceful atmosphere in your home. Blue, from light tones to deep, dark shades have always been a symbol of elegance and freshness.

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Incorporate blue into your home décor to create a peaceful oasis. Your home will be stylish and elegant with a serene look.

If your home is filled with heavy furniture it will be quite difficult to find the most appropriate color for the room walls. However, you must not despair. You can still use blue for the curtains, perhaps in a stylish combination with neutral colors such as beige or maybe grey. They successfully complete any shade of blue, which is actually, the accent color.

You may also use this beautiful color for the carpet or rug and also for other accessories as decorative items such as cushions, pillows, fabric covers or light fixtures, lamps or why not?; even the furniture itself.

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Blue is a wonderful color that looks great when is combined with grey, beige or brown. The atmosphere of your home will become clam, peaceful and inviting.
Actually, a blue interior design can be even more colorful than that. You can paint your room walls in blue. Perhaps it is better to take in consideration pastel tones instead of deep, bright or dark tones not to create an overwhelming home décor. However, using a Royal Blue nuance, vintage items and patterned covers and fabrics, you can create serene and peaceful atmosphere with a classic look.

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