Area Rugs Bring Warmth and Beauty to Your Home

Choosing the right rug for every room of your home is an important mission. Area rugs have the power to completely change the atmosphere of a home especially if your house floor was exposed for long periods to all kinds of abuse (children, pets, etc.)

A well-chosen area rug adds texture, color, warmth, covers the floor imperfections while protecting the floor surface.

It is true that you can relatively easily refinish any wood floor but it is quite expensive not to mention all the trouble and discomfort. So, the only practical option is to hide the wear and tear with a nice rug. Choose carefully and your home entrance (carpeted, tiled or wood) will have an improve look while being protected by further damage.

Area rugs give a touch of comfort and elegance, bringing cheer and warmth inside. To enjoy the beauty and discreet elegance that carpets bring to your home, keep in mind a few simple rules when you purchase them.

1. Buy only area rugs suitable in size to your room. They should be neither too large nor too small. A carpet covering the entire floor of a room gives a feeling of too much and too cramped. To be truly admired and appreciated, your rug must be fully visible, not covered by furniture. The best is to choose rugs that do not exceed 50 percent of the room.

2. The color of your chosen rug is also very important. It is wise to choose rugs in delicate and pastel colors for small or dark rooms. On the other hand, if the room is large and bright, a dark area rug will create a pleasant contrast.

3. It is, however, preferable to have a contrast between the floor and carpet. If you have dark hardwood such as mahogany, choose a light-colored rug. On the contrary, deep shades (burgundy, navy blue) rugs look spectacular on a light colored floor.

4. The rug pattern should match the style of your home. Rugs with rich designs such as the Persian style suggest classic elegance. If your house is decorated in a conservative style or classical, these rugs perfectly match your interior. Homes decorated in a modern style, minimalist need simple rugs, in a single color or having abstract patterns.

5. You must also take into consideration where you lie down the carpet. A light colored rug placed in high traffic areas – lobbies, stairs – will cause a lot of headaches because it will get dirty easily. In these areas it is preferable to use rugs in one color, and in dark shades.

Rugs add warmth and beauty to your home reducing the noise, adding comfort and will provide you years of such happiness if you maintain them properly.

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