Bonsai – A Symbol of Harmony and Elegance

Plants and small trees can really contribute to create an atmosphere that helps you refresh your mind and body.

There are many people around the world who buy plants, trees and small shrubs to decorate the interiors. If they are maintained properly, they will certainly help to beautify your home. Plants not only make the interior look more creative and stylish, but also give life to the environment.

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During hot summer months, the house decorative trees will help to oxygenate the air and create a cooler atmosphere. In the cold winter months, the same small decorative trees mornings cheer you, help you relax or simply bring a little green into your life.

However, if you want to try something different and unique, you might want to consider purchasing some bonsai trees, very convenient to install and very beautiful.

Bonsai are grown, especially in decorative purposes and will be very easy to find in nurseries and florists. There are different varieties available on the market and some of the best bonsai trees are:

1. Cascade style (Kengai): an unusual variety that cannot be found anytime and anywhere on the market, you need to make usually, a special order.

The tree grows straight up for a while, then starts to bend. This gives a special appearance to the whole place in where it is planted. Cascade bonsai are generally planted, in quite tall vases because they have long and strong roots. Crown of this small tree typically grows above the pot rim, but the branches alternate somehow right and left, on the trunk curves. Branches should grow horizontally to balance the tree.

This type of bonsai can be used for decoration inside and outside the home.

2. Windswept style: one of the most popular types of bonsai that looks extraordinarily beautiful. Most people buy this type of bonsai to decorate the interiors of homes, patios and terraces.

As the name suggests, the branches of this tree give the feeling that they are blown by the wind. The effect is very difficult to achieve, which makes it a very expensive bonsai.

3. Slant style: is another suitable option for decorating interiors. The tree grows tilted to one side, and the branches grow in the opposite direction to create balance.

This type of bonsai is one of the best on the market is very spectacular in appearance. The trunk can be lightly bent or very straight, but will be thicker at the bottom than at the top.

4. Upright (Chokkan): those who want to give a sophisticated home use usually upright version of bonsai. It is most common among bonsai, being relatively easy to find in florists or nurseries. This style is very common in nature, mainly when the tree is exposed to light and has many trees around. It grows in a vertical direction and straight.

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