Keep Your Garden Free From Pests

Your garden is your retreat oasis where you spend enjoyable moments with your family or your friends. But in its shadow countless small enemies lurk ready to chew up and destroy the vegetation. In fact, for each kind of plant you can have a kind of pest. To successfully fight against pest you need first to identify them and only then to find how to get rid of them.

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Alphids are small creatures and they are one of the commonly pests of every garden. Their color is yellowish-black or greenish. Their preferred food is plant and leaves juice.

Solution: The most terrible enemy for Alphids is Ladybug which feed on them, so having ladybugs in your garden will help to get rid of them. Another good solution is to spray your plants with soap insecticide.

Snails and Slugs

During the day you see rarely these creatures because they are hidden and dormant. Snail and slug activity starts at night when they start to feed. They prefer to eat leaves and the succulent young plants.

Solution: One of the easiest and best solutions to get rid of them is to lay down on soil some old newspapers. They will hide under newspapers, during the day and you can easily remove them.

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Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles can bring big damage to your garden as larvae and as adults. They like to eat the leaves of the flowers and vegetables.

Solution: There are many ways to get rid of them. You can use a biologic solution – the bacterium Bacillus Popilliae Dutky that can kill them. If you have Japanese Beetles the best solution is to have patience and pick up them by hand and throw them in a jar filled with soapy water. Be sure to check under the leaves.