Combinations of textures and natural materials give warmth to an apartment furnished in an eclectic style

For everyone who likes simple and warm things.

Many of us like simple and warm things and the arrangement of their apartment confirms that. Natural textures and material seem to be the leitmotif of the space, and they are certainly the visual elements that give it a cozy look. A professional interior designer or decorator can weave them with subtle splashes of colors and retro items, which tie them together in a harmonious eclectic style, in line with the taste of the homeowners.

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Any apartment no matter the size has a lot of potential.

Any apartment has a lot of potential right away, with benefits like compartmentalization with fluid circulation and enormous, floor-to-ceiling windows that let in a lot of light. If it has already been finished with laminated wood windows, aluminum cladding and thermal insulation, double layer parquet, ceramics, sanitary ware, interior doors, electrical equipment, and air conditioning, the next step is to furnish and decorate it. Even still, a lot of work was required, from altering the tiles in the kitchen, which were not installed to conventional height regulations and did not match the desired design and colors, to changing and reorganizing the bathroom.

An interior decorator begins with an eclectic style plan established by the owners, with a splash of color in the kitchen, a round dining table with wooden chairs, retro light fixtures, attractive plants, and graphic paintings. The color scheme chosen is warm, with gold and black metals mixed together. Together with the owners, he worked through all of the project’s minutiae to ensure that they were left with a home that gave them a sense of belonging. “Overall, it should be a perfect collaboration in every way,” says the designer, “because we can find a lot of common interests and it was like designing a home for himself.”

The owners can add a personal touch to the living room by selecting posters that reflect both the femininity and masculinity of the people who will occupy the property. This became their favorite room in the house over time. They must communicate to the interior designer exactly what kind of sofa they desire, such as a linear brown leather sofa with a retro aesthetic reminiscent of the 1970s. “So the whole concept started around such a sofa,” the designer explains.

The living room furniture’s sleek and understated lines allow the textures to speak for themselves. The pink glass lamp, cleverly placed by the designer, not only draws attention with its vivid hue, but also highlights the focal point of the living area – the sofa. The boucle armchair, with its rounded contours and pleasing clash of shapes, is another piece de resistance.

The kitchen is the highlight of the house.

The kitchen is open and in the same space as the living room, with the link formed gently by the golden brass lighting fixtures. The interior designer can utilize textured and glazed tile in this case. The gold faucet and brass hardware stand out, and the kitchen furniture with duck egg green painted MDF fronts on the base adds a pop of color. The floating bodies are white, and their combined effect creates the illusion of a much larger and more open area.

Because natural materials appear to be the arrangement’s leitmotif, rattan and wood are the stars in the dining area. The porcelain pendant draped above the table adds a finishing touch.

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