Beautiful Interiors in Eclectic Style

It is quite easy to define the eclectic interior design style, because the term basically defines a mix of different styles, the choosing of the best and preferred elements from these design style and mixing and blending together into an overall decor. So if you want, eclecticism is very permissive and versatile – and pretty difficult to define as a specific design style, because it does not have its own characteristic elements.

Beautiful Home Interiors in Eclectic Design Style (video)

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Specifically, the eclectic interior design style can be combinations of rustic, minimalism, retro, classicism, etc.

Eclectic Style Design – without rules and restrictions

In fact, it is a generous decorating way that does not impose rules and restrictions but can be quite risky. You can easily fail and overdo it crossing the border between aesthetics and kitsch, grotesque. That is because this style combines disparate elements from different designing styles and tries to bring them in the same décor.
Obviously, not always the efforts are successful, but when you fail in eclecticism, the result is a catastrophe, because of so many borrowed decorating elements that no longer form a unitary and aesthetic whole.

So, a good result implies a good coexistence of the objects in a room. All the elements of decoration have to communicate with each other. The colors should be brought together to form visual harmonies. No need for matching colors. That is, to look and to like what you see. If the result of the combinations please you, then you can throw all the design rules and decorating rules.

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