Combine Your Old Furniture with New Furniture

The combination of old furniture with new pieces of furniture is a concept that is gaining the attention of designers and not only. Increasingly more people are showing interest in this concept.

And it is not surprising to be so. After all, antique furniture, can have great sentimental value or is simply a work of art, which increases the appearance of the room where it is exposed.

In the concept of new interior designers, mixing the old furniture with the new one is not a sin as great as in the pioneering stage of discipline, if this is done with minimal inspiration and skill.

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It is obvious that the theory of opposites that attract is validated again actually giving birth to a completely different style. In other words, we are talking here of “eclectic” style.

However, you need some courage when approaching this style. Moreover you have to get rid of preconceived ideas and have a truly open mind. Therefore, forget the preconceived idea taken to absurd that everything in the house have to match, and dare to meditate creatively and freely. You should appeal to a wide range of furniture styles, designs and colors because only in this way, the environment will gain dynamism that will offer you peace of mind and physical comfort.

Let’s see some simple tricks that can help you further in this design.

1. First of all, determine whether you want an “old” room with a modern twist or a contemporary one where antiques will dominate all the other accessories. It is a primordial decision if you do not want that these two styles to enter into a disastrous visually conflict. In fact, these two styles should complement each other to form a whole. This is all you need.

2. Create a motif, a style that can fuse the entire room. But do not forget that you really need an element present in all the furniture pieces. This could be a color present as much as possible, in each of the two “periods”, for example the wood shade, or a visual theme such as carvings or ornaments representing leaves or flowers.

Vintage Home Interiors in a mix of Styles | VINTAGE AND RETRO-STYLE DESIGN #2 (video)

3. Combines opposites, for example consider pairing a vintage or rustic desk with a stylish and modern chair. You can also try to combine a comfortable vintage armchair with a modern luminaire.

4. Find and combine similar objects. Find old and new furniture to match and display them together. For example, many retro mirrors show clean lines that come pretty well above a minimalist cosmetic table for the bedroom.

5. The living room in designer Marshall Watson vision evokes the sensitivity of American homes from mid-twentieth century impregnated with a modern twist. For example a vintage sofa goes with a dark blue striped rug, in contrast with a glass table.

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