Planning Your Home Renovation – 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Renovating your home should not necessarily imply the support received from some experts. In a smaller or greater extent, even you can start in this endeavor, as long as you take the necessary precautions.

What are the mistakes that you might commit when renovating your home? Discover them reading this article.

1. You Underestimate the Complexity of the Project

Before starting the renovation of your house, ask yourself if you are able to go to finish it alone (or together with your family). Put on paper everything you want to accomplish and analyze realistic the complexity of the project. Make sure you do not underestimate the scale and difficulty level of this project. Take in consideration your skills and capabilities that you have indeed.

2. You Don’t Have a Realistic Budget

The budget you have available when you intend to renovate your home is one of the key issues that need to be considered and, often, is the one who can give you the biggest headaches. Even after a thorough analysis of the costs involved in your renovation project, make sure you increase the final budget by about 15% -20% of the total amount so to be covered in case of unforeseen expenses.

3. You Don’t Take into Account any Unfortunate Incidents

Aside from the costs that may occur independently of your will, it is important also to take into account any unfortunate incidents that may occur during the renovation. For example, if you live in an old house, keep in mind that it might be less resilient than you imagine. Undertake a thorough examination and and only after that start working.

4. You Exceed Your Budget

Enthusiastic about the changes you could make in your home, you may get carried away and instead of just renovating your living room and bedroom, you want to redo the entire house. Quickly you’ll realize that your project goes far beyond your financial possibilities and you fail to complete your goals.. Therefore, it is essential to have a plan in place from the start, and leaving for another time the additional changes.

5. You Opt for Inappropriate Materials

Depending on what you want to achieve and the specifics of your home, it is important to choose materials and appliances that fit best. For example, you do not buy a huge fridge if you have a tiny kitchen.
In terms of materials, also attention to quality: if you want them to last, be prepared to allocate a generous budget for your renovation. However, do not combine very expensive items, for example kitchen countertop granite with some very cheap stuff, like linoleum.

6. You Don’t Set a Realistic Deadline

It is natural to want to finish as quickly as possible your home renovations. That does not mean a lower quality. Accept the fact that your home renovation project will take longer than you wished and, depending on your program set a deadline that you can respect it.

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