Discover several indoor plants to place in your home (part 2)

Interior plants – they are named in this way because they can be successfully grown indoors. They are an excellent element decorative. And not only. They have in fact, dual role to decorate the home interior and a healthy role, to clean the house air.

All indoor plants help with the air purification process.

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Watering the indoor plants

Remember that I have written about the quantity of water necessary for the plant.

Decorating with Plants

This is an important aspect that you should take into account. Most of indoor plants do not support moisture or too much humidity. They can be irreversibly weakened by very abundant watering.

An indicator of excess water is when you find more than 1 inch of water in the plant pot plate.

Before watering your plant, you need to see if the plant really needs water. How can you do that? Simply, insert your finger into the pot soil. In this way you can check the soil moisture level. Most of the times the plant’s substrate looks pretty dry on the surface, but underneath it is wet.

How to check the plant leaves?

The plant leaves also deserve our attention and special care. You need to dust them periodically with the help of a soft damp cloth.

When your plant needs a pot change

This also is important, and it should be put into practice. Pay attention when your plant is growing, and it is necessary to change the pot. When plants grow, also their roots grow. Therefore, you need to replace their old pot with a new, larger one.

Use organ herbicide for indoor plants

Finally, an organic herbicide should be always available. Why? Because sometimes pests can make your plants sick. These can be simply and easily avoided if their environment is impregnated with organic herbicide.

Plant types that are easy to care

All indoor plants are making us happy with their green foliage and colorful flowers. They always transmit good energy and mood just by watching them.

Some of them are quite pretentious and require carefully attention. Other are easy-care indoor plants, which allow you to beautify your home interior regardless the design style.

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