How to brighten up a living room furnished with dark furniture?

New design trend – dark color furniture

The time has arrived for black furniture after years of white and light wood splendor. The living rooms are seeing an increase in demand for classy hues of American walnut, a dignified wenge color, and even matte black. Are you hesitant to furnish a living room with black furniture because of the overpowering result? You’ll learn how to avoid it from us!

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Expressive and chic dark furniture is back.

Dark furniture is back in style and shows no signs of going out of style anytime soon. It is chic, expressive, and decisive. They replace Scandinavian minimalism and the pervasive whiteness that follows it by adding grace to contemporary arrangements as a metaphor for class and refinement. Today, while furnishing an apartment, we voluntarily opt for dark-colored furniture: deep browns, greys or black are the hues most deeply ingrained in current fashion trends.

Dark furniture can be tricky to arrange, especially for less skilled decorators, despite how hard it is to reject their allure. When they are introduced into a tiny space, they might overpower the inside, visually shrinking the already tiny area. A poor choice of accessories plus a scarce supply of light are a formula for catastrophe in an arrangement. Fortunately, there are techniques that can provide brightness and balance to a dim living space. How to do it?

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Light colored walls and dark furniture.

Dark furniture should be arranged in a living room with light walls. Dark furniture looks good against backgrounds that are off-white, beige, or even some shades of grey. The living area will be lively and illuminated with bright walls, giving the impression that it is larger. Do you have any alternatives to traditional paint in mind? Nothing prevents you from selecting a stylish wall covering. The space will look cozier and brighter with cream-colored decorative wallpaper, wooden slats, or stucco.

Light floor and dark furniture.

Think about other finishing touches if you plan to use dark furnishings in the living room. Equally crucial to the layout are the floors. Let the floor serve as a neutral background for the furniture if it sticks out in the room due to its extremely dark color. The ideal flooring will be bright with a fine grain pattern.

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Shiny surfaces and dark furniture.

What additional ways are there to make a living room with dark furnishings more luminous? Shiny front surfaces reflect light and act as interior mirror panes. However, glazed display cabinets will be a wonderful contrast to the consistent solids in a dark color if your ideal furniture is matte-finished black or brown.

Bright accessories and dark furniture.

A quick and low-cost option to transform the environment or highlight the personality of the finished arrangement is to add a variety of accessories in vivid or expressive colors. Dark wood furniture in the living room can be softened by selecting accessories in beige or grey tones. However, if you want to add more movement to the arrangement, go for intensely saturated colors like bottle green, bright orange, or yellow.


In addition to black, warm browns make a modern living room with dark furniture look inviting and stylish. Well-chosen furniture beautifully blends the two hues. In a room done in a loft or modern classic style, a chest of drawers, a TV cabinet, and display cabinets with simple shapes and subtle front decor would match wonderfully. Because of their beautiful nature, they complement a variety of accessories, including ones that are gold-drenched as well as muted beige or grey hues.

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