Dreamy Traditional Cozy Living Rooms

A small, tiny living room is always limited by its dimensions, but with a carefully planned design and few clever ideas and tricks, you can turn this space into a oasis. Your living room will look larger and more inviting.

A Bright Living Room

Lighting is extremely important. Both artificial and natural lighting can be used to change the look of your living room. Don’t keep the room windows covered. Allow plenty of natural light to come through them. Replace your thick drapes or blinds with transparent drapes like sheer drapery that allow natural light to penetrate inside. Artificial light is also important. Recessed lights are a smart solution. They can increase the brightness without cluttering the room ceiling.

Use the Vertical Space

Use the vertical space of the wall wherever is possible. Floor to ceiling bookshelves can be the right choice. However you need to take in consideration small details like color, dimensions, wood grains, the distance between shelves, molding, etc.

Cozy Living Rooms | Scandinavian Style Design #4 (video)

Create Ambiance through Color

Color palette should be kept light. Using light colors, pastel colors on walls and ceiling will make your tiny room to look larger. Don’t use dark nuances and colors for large areas. That will make your living room feel enclosed. However, you can create an intimate and cozy feeling using darker hues in a part of your space, for example a nook. Don’t forget warm colors like red , orange, yellow give a coziness feeling. of a space coming towards the viewer. Cool colors (blue, green, violet) make the space distance itself from the viewer.

Avoid Heavy and Many Furniture Pieces

Keep the room floor clutter free. Don’t use too many or too heavy furniture pieces. Heavy furniture has the tendency to block the view and the openness perception of the space.


You can add several pieces of artwork with sentimental value on the walls, but incorporated sparingly. Your room should look cohesive, intimate, inviting and clutter free.

Smart Storage Space

Do not clutter your space. Create storage spaces for your stuff. Floor to ceiling shelves with baskets and storage boxes are indeed a clever solution. Also several cabinet pieces will help keeping out of sight the small items.

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