Smart Laundry Room Ideas

Laundry room is one of the most used rooms of your house.  Perhaps you did not know that an average household does more than seven loads of laundry each week. Usually, a typically laundry room is your spare closet in the home hallway close from kitchen or somewhere in a garage spot. However, your laundry room does not need to be a boring, dull place where you go to drop your dirty cloths and lingerie.

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Today, new homes come with special rooms that are equipped with modern and efficient appliances. Generally, the best location for a laundry room is on the second floor in a lesser used bathroom near the bedrooms where the most part of your laundry is.

When you design and build a new home do not neglect the laundry room. Make sure it will be in a good and convenient location and large enough for large-capacity and high-tech washers and dryers, not to mention the accessories and amenities.

Let’s see several practical ideas that can help you to have an efficient laundry room:

1| It is not a good idea to place your laundry room in a hallway closet, garage or kitchen that are high traffic areas. In the laundry days, the traffic will be disturbed and the use of these rooms is hampered.

2| It is the best to avoid the combination of two rooms with different use. For example, do not cumulate your office and laundry in a single room. You will not get an efficient activity in a office where the washer or dryer is working at its maximum capacity.

3| Do not place the laundry in your master bedroom. It will be stressful for you to see the pile of dirty laundry, whenever you want to go to bed, not to mention that you will not be able to take a nap in the afternoon when your dryer vibrates.

4| However, it is a good idea to place your laundry room near the bedrooms that are the largest supplier of dirty laundry. Usually, the most part of household dirty laundry comes from your bedrooms where the lingerie and cloths are changed and kept.

5| Leave a distance of minimum 48 inches (122 cm) wide of clearance in front of your both appliances to have freedom of movement, when the unit doors are opened.

6| Add a shelf or cupboard over your laundry appliances. In this way, your laundry room will be more organized and you will have storage space for the laundry supplies.

7| If you do not have enough space for the laundry appliances, you can take in consideration a stack set. It is true that the whole assembly will be higher, but you will be able to save a usable area. The cost of a stack set is quite similar with the cost of the individual appliances.

8| The water supply pipes should have shutoff valves. You need them in case you have to replace the appliances or in emergency cases (leaks). Also a floor drain can make a huge difference when you have a flood.

9| It will be great if your laundry room is not too cramped. A little extra space does not hurt. If you want to replace your old unit with brand new larger appliances then surely you will need more room.

10| Add extra insulation to the floor area and to the wall. That will lower a lot the noise level.

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