Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Pros & Cons

Dustless hardwood flooring refinishing is an inexpensive alternative to a conventional and traditional floor refinishing.

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Dustless Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

While most hardwood flooring certainly have the convenience of being simple and effortless to clean up after spilling, much like carpeting, many hardwood flooring can easily get damaged, dirty and quite poor looking in time if not cared for properly. However, not any homeowner has the inclination, disposition or perhaps the money, to totally strip completely and refinish a hardwood flooring.

Therefore, a new procedure has been created that can generate a similar or even the same good results as a full-blown traditional refinishing, without the mess and of course, headaches.

This dustless flooring refinishing procedure involves a professional scuffing the flooring softly and including a chemical to etch it.

Next step is to repair any hardwood floor minor damage prior applying a new top coat.

Let’s see together the advantages and disadvantages of dustless hardwood flooring refinishing…

Advantages of Dustless Flooring Refinishing

1. The most important advantage is that this method greatly shortens working time. Dustless hardwood flooring refinishing just takes approximately a day, whereas conventional hardwood flooring refinishing may take a few days to finish.

2. Dustless hardwood flooring refinishing is cheaper than the traditional and conventional flooring refinishing method.

3. This dustless hardwood flooring refinishing is effective for those with allergic reactions due to the fact there is a lot less fine dust that floats in the air than there would certainly is during a conventional full-blown flooring-refinishing job. In fact, some professionals claim that they can eliminate almost 99% of the wood dust that would otherwise is left to settle in the house.

Disadvantages of Dustless Flooring Refinishing

However, this procedure has some distinct disadvantages such as:

1. Not all types of hardwood flooring can be effectively finished and fixed with dustless hardwood flooring refinishing. In most of the cases, if your hardwood flooring is quite damaged, a conventional hardwood flooring refinishing would certainly be needed.

2. You need to know that any method of hardwood flooring refinishing decreases the lifespan of your hardwood flooring because in fact, you are sanding off a thin wood layer every time.

3. In reality does not exist a method that is 100% dustless, regardless what many companies state and claim. Even with this new method, there will be a small amount of dust that will settle in your house.

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