How to Transform Your Cramped Apartment Room into a Gym

You are an active person, aware that lack of exercise harms your health. Unfortunately, you do not have enough available space in your home to create a gym room. However, you should not despair.

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You can find solutions to squeeze your gym space, even in a cramped space. If you make several changes to your home setup and choose the best-sized fitness stuff, you can transform any cozy area in a gym space.


This is the easiest way to make room for your workout zone. You will be surprised how much you can create just cleaning the clutter. However, any clutter space seems smaller than reality.

Store your stuff that you do not need daily. When the room is clean and free of unnecessary things, you will be able to appreciate your available space.

Choose a corner in your living room where you want to create a gym space. Remove all pieces of furniture such as side or coffee tables, chairs, ottomans, etc. that get in your way. You need only, a temporary space at least six, seven feet or six feet. It will be more than enough for your project. You will be able to do all the exercise groups without hitting your furniture.


Choose multitasking pieces. You can use them for your exercises and also, as “furniture pieces”. Take for example the stability ball. A great gym equipment and also a comfortable ottoman in your living room or a chair in your office. Or if it does not much your decorating tastes, it can be deflated and hidden in your closet or under your bed.


Choose fitness equipment that you can shrink it when you needed.

Today, increasingly more sport equipment manufacturers take into account the limited space of an apartment or condominium in the design and execution of their products.

According t many fitness experts, two products stand out in recent years on the sport equipment market, namely “Functional Trainers” (a multi-functional machine) and “Power Plate Vibration Training” (very useful in cellulite reduction and body toning).

Both are extremely effective and need a minimal storage space.


Do not expose all your gym equipment. Think like a professional trainer and use only the fitness equipment you need that day.

You must analyze your exercise before you begin to determine correctly the necessary equipment. Also, use as much is possible compact or collapsible pieces of fitness gear that can be easily stored or hidden such as two or three sets of resistance tubing, stability ball, Power Block dumbbells, etc.


DO NOT CLUTTER UP your limited space with giant gym equipment such as elliptical machines, treadmills, different exercise bikes, etc. You can have the same outstanding results with less massive equipment.


Increasingly more and sports equipment is on the market. Of course, this stuff is modern and gives good results. On the other hand, you do not need all this new fitness gear. It is quite expensive and requires space. Not to mention you need to learn new fitness exercises and work with this new fitness gear.

It is better to stick with your old and classic fitness equipment. I am quite sure you will get the same excellent results.


However, ultimately it is a smart idea to ask a specialist, which is the best way to transform and use your room as a gym. Even if it is only temporary, you do not have to give up your daily routine.

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