Enhance the Home Safety of Your Doors and Windows

Your home doors and windows are the much-needed air and light sources but they can also be a safety hazard to your children, especially the small ones, and the people with mental disability. In addition, an unsecured door or window can be a potential risk factor for your house security. Practically they invite intruders to get into your home.

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You must enhance the safety and security to protect your family and your property. In fact, any home security starts with fundamentals such as doors and windows. If they are not maintained properly or replaced when they are old and worn out then they can really be safety hazards, although they are still functional.

Take time and ensure that your doors and windows are all the time working properly.

You will need:– Locks, Cordless Window Shades, Door and Window Guards, Grease, Decals

1| Make sure that your doors and windows open and close properly and easily. After all, you need to exit quickly from your home in an emergency case. Losing time to open a door or a window could be fatal. Therefore, it is a good idea to lubricate quite regularly the window sashes and hinges and make sure also, that none of your windows or doors are somehow, painted shut.

2| Make sure your home windows and doors are all the time lock when they are closed. In this way, you will increase the security level of your property. However, if your home windows are not provided with locks, you should buy some from any hardware store. If you have children or persons with mental disability, you should install some locks high up on your entrance doors.

3| Make sure you have installed window guards. You can find these small window accessories to any hardware store. They restrict the width of windows opening. It is well known that pets and small children can potentially fall out through a wide-open window if they are unsupervised. Therefore, you should adjust every window to open no more than 3 or 4 inches.

4| Make sure you have installed door guards. Door guards do not allow your small children to go outside unsupervised. They should be installed at the top of your entrance doors. That will prevent your children from opening them more than just a few inches. Another efficient way to secure your doors are the knob covers. They will deter your child to open the door.

5| Make sure any large furniture piece is away from your home windows. In this way, your children or pets do not have the possibility to climb up and fall out through an open window.

6| Make sure your window coverings are cordless. In this way, you will eliminate the choking hazard while having your privacy. It is not recommended to have bare windows or glass doors that can give intruders an inside clear view. They are an invitation for any burglar.

7| Make sure you have applied vivid colorful decals to any sliding window and door, otherwise your family members could unfortunately mistake as an open air. Running through a glass door or window can lead to serious injuries.

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