Impact-Resistant Windows – Benefits and Tips

Impact-resistant windows are crucial for those living in areas where hurricanes or tornadoes are prevalent and can severe damage your home.

Why are so important these windows?

Mainly because the web inserts from their composition, for example, protects the inside of the houses and especially, the occupants of the building from the heavy objects that otherwise would get through the windows.

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Heavy items thrown up by hurricanes are unlikely to get inside of the buildings through an impact-resistant window.

These kinds of windows are generally “laminated”, which means that they are made of two glass layers with an adhesive plastic membrane between them. In fact, this method is not something new. It is used for a long time in the auto industry to produce windshields.

In case of impact, instead of breaking and splitting into long and sharp shards, as an ordinary glass does when this impact-resistant window is broken, the sticky plastic membrane retains the glass shards in place. In fact, any ordinary glass pane covered with a plastic adhesive film will have properties similar to a laminated glass. The only disadvantage is that the visibility through the window will be obviously diminished. However, anybody inside is offered an increased protection.

Hurricanes, strong winds and tornadoes are extremely destructive, they being able to lift heavy objects. Therefore the frames used in the manufacture of impact-resistant windows are usually tougher and heavier than traditional window frames. Moreover they are more strongly anchored in the walls.

The Benefits of Impact-Resistant Windows

1| Of course that the main benefit of impact-resistant windows is to protect those who live or work in the affected buildings not letting heavy objects to break or get inside through the windows.

2| Impact-resistant windows can reduce significantly your insurance bill because the risk of damage or injury is substantially reduced.

3| Moreover, these windows can be sometimes cheaper than regular ones in the long run, if you take into consideration all insurance aspects and costs. More than that, in England and other European countries, under the new rules and laws is illegal to have any kind of window on stairways and landings, especially in public buildings.

4| These windows are safe especially for children. It would indeed a good idea to have impact-resistant glass in windows and doors, instead interior doors with glass panels, especially in homes with small children.

5| It would also be a wise idea to have impact-resistant glass in windows and doors to stop any possibility of breaking in.

In conclusion, in other words your home has everything to gain with this type of windows.

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