Enhance Your Home With Millwork And Decorative Columns

Whether you use interior columns as a decorative design component or perhaps give it a structural role — your home is going to be significantly enhanced by fitting these columns into your house architectural plans. In fact, columns have been used since immemorial times as structural elements supporting floors, walls or roof, as well as architectural and decorative elements. Regardless of culture or geographical location they decorated (and still adorn) palaces, and private houses being some of the favorite elements of architecture of all time.

Photo by Phillip Smith General Contractor, LLCLook for entryway design inspiration


Perhaps the most famous and popular types of columns ever were the columns used in the ancient Greece and Rome. These columns namely Doric, Ionic and Corinthian are popular even today and have a high market demand. They are a classic architectural element and classic always resisted throughout centuries.

However, you can find on the market many pre-made exterior and interior columns. In fact, there is a huge range of types, sizes, shapes and styles to choose from. You can choose one type of these, remaining to customize it later, according to your requirements.


In case you are intending to use interior columns in your house design, perhaps fiberglass columns are the right ones. It is hard to distinguish fiberglass columns from traditional and classic stone or wood columns. They have practically the same look but the advantages are obvious. They are less expensive than traditional ones and require no maintenance, not to mention they are immune to attack from fungus and insects. They are also waterproof and non-porous. You should ask but certainly, many manufacturers will give you lifetime warranty for their product.


Interior columns are used either as a decorative or architectural element to provide classic elegance and a timeless beauty. All depends on your home overall décor. You can use the classic Greek or Roman Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian columns or you can use a contemporary and more modern column design. How I mentioned above, structural columns are designed to support floors, walls or the house roof but they can be used to support also, mantels, doorways, arches, or even cabinets.


The least costly and easiest way to give your property a distinctive and beautiful look is by using architectural millwork. Traditionally and typically, this is regarded woodwork as well as baseboards, window casings and doors, but today architectural millwork describes a number of other architectural products. They are prefabricated made from fiberglass and polyurethane. You can find a huge array of such prefabricated products like crown moldings, baseboards, balustrades, columns, arbors or many other elements.

Ornamental molding such as crown molding comes in many styles, sizes and shapes. Small details such as oak leaves, gingerbread designs, animals, embossed ornaments and friezes or larger architectural elements such as entries, fireplace surrounds and columns are all types of ornamental molding.

Wainscoting is the wall paneling that covers the lower portion of an inside wall and has often a chair rail in the top. Wainscoting has a number of stylish and practical advantages.

Whatever is the style approached, wainscoting bring a special charm to the room, not to mention it can bring some protection for the room walls against scuffs, dampness, nicks, etc.

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