Pictures above Sofa – Quick Living Room Décor Metamorphosis

Picture above the sofa in your living room

A picture or several more above the living room sofa is a smart way for a quick metamorphosis of the décor.

Do you feel like changing the living room arrangement, but you are worried about the time and expenses of makeover works? Bet on economical and efficient proven solutions. Hang one or more pictures on the wall above the sofa! It will not just fill and decorate an empty wall. It will also add originality, creativity, and freshness to the living room interior decor.

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Pictures above the sofa, quickly way to refresh the interior.

If you want to breathe new life into your own living room, you do not necessarily need to plan a major makeover, renovation or furniture replacement.

It is more than enough to paint or wallpaper the walls and hang pictures.

Do not look for expensive artworks. You can choose interesting drawings, graphics, or interesting framed posters. Painting reproductions are also a popular choice. Just one thing. Make sure that your choice complements the entire living room design.

Hanging pictures is a very but old but effective way to decorate and refresh a living space. It is enough to adjust the picture (s) size to the size of the living room and the amount of free space in the middle of the wall.

Where is the best place to hang pictures on the wall?

Do you see unused space when you are looking at the wall behind the living room sofa? Change it!

Professional interior decorators suggest that one of the best locations to hang a picture is just the empty wall above the living room sofa. You need to use it well. You should know how to hang decorations. But that’s not everything! You should also need to know how to arrange your paintings or any other kinds of artworks if you are going to hang more than one.

Depending on the size of the wall, consider whether a rectangular, vertical poster or a horizontal, long image such as a beautiful landscape. Which one will look better on your wall?

Another option is to hang several smaller paintings in separate frames. In this case, you need to be very careful to form a coherent whole. The wall behind the sofa will be the perfect background for these decorative accessories.

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