Floor lamp or table lamp in the bedroom?

Which one to choose?

Your bedroom needs to be friendly, warm, with a soothing and calm atmosphere, with a serene climate where you are more than happy to rest and relax.

But what do you actually need to have a bedroom like that?

The answer is simple. First of all, adequate lighting. Lighting is the main factor responsible for both the bedroom functionality and to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Not to mention that it essentially contributes to bedroom decoration.

But what to choose, table lamp or floor standing lamp?

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Table lamp – advantages that will work in your bedroom.

Table lamps are great for any kind of bedroom. They offer subtle and discreet light. If they have a charming lampshade made from fabric, they soften the light beam and at the same time contribute to the bedroom decoration.

But their light is enough for your bedroom?

Actually, they give enough light to be able to read a book or watch the TV.

Floor standing lamp – advantages that will work in your bedroom.

Let’s us focus now on floor standing lamps. They generally have a contemporary or modern look. They are visually attractive, functional, and practical. Sometimes, they can act as the main lighting feature. Sometimes only as additional lighting. There are many kinds of floor standing lamps.

On the market, we generally find floor standing lamps with one point of light directed upwards. They can successfully replace the classic main lighting. If you place such a lamp in the bedroom corner, it will visually enlarge the room. When a chandelier is placed in the bedroom as the main lighting, a floor lamp with light directed downwards, a fabric shade and placed next to the bed will create a cozy, warm atmosphere. Not to mention that the light flowing from the lamp will be soothing and soft.

Another kind of floor standing lamp, is the one with the main light source, usually directed upwards. It is practical with a strong allure and allows you to ensure the use of the entire space.

Which one to choose?

It is quite hard to say which one is the best. Both types of lighting have their advantages, and disadvantages.

Anyway, there also are several differences between them – in terms of construction, functionality and of course, size. All depends on your preferences and of your lifestyle.

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