Home Safety Measures for Elderly People

As we get older, our daily life shows increasingly more real challenges in the street, in the park, in traffic, but also in our own home.  Therefore, your house must be arranged so that you feel good and safe in it. It needs be useful, comfortable and without obstacles and barriers that hinder our life.

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Think about it. Perhaps, now it is the good time to take all the precautions and make some changes. However, it is much better sooner than later.

Free passage paths: First of all, you need to remove all “barriers” and “obstacles” that are in your way and obstruct the free movement. A smart rearrangement, of your home interior will solve this problem. Think practically and leave free passage paths between your stuff.

Get rid of steps: It is critical to get rid of steps with which we reached the top shelves of closets and cabinets. All things must be placed at your height and reach new so that do not have to climb the ladder or chair and undermine your health. Also, multistage steep stairs have to be replaced with ramps.

Buying a new home: A good location is critical. When you buy a new home, it is important to have nearby, without any need for transport, a pharmacy, a medical center and food stores.

Additional precautions: Avoid having “house traps” in your way, such as carpets, mats, rugs or cables that threaten you everywhere. You can avoid a ball of tangled cables building several power outlets near sources.

Lighting: Staircases or higher areas with steps should be very well lit with light spots.

Doors: If the door-sills cannot be removed, you can paint them in a bright color.  In this way, they can be noticed whenever you go over them.

Furniture: In terms of furniture, you should choose chairs and tables very stable that cannot slip no matter on what surface they are placed.

Bathroom: To avoid injuries falling inside of your bathtub, you can place an anti-slip mat on its bottom. Additionally you can install tub handles on the wall next to the tub to support you when you want to get up. The best is to replace your old kind of bathtubs with modern ones, “walk-in bathtubs”, which are very secure. They are ideal for the elderly peopleor disabled persons.

Bedroom: Ideally, for elderly is a higher bed that can be reached from both sides and from front side.

Be prepared: It is wise to have in all your rooms telephones with a large display and illuminated keys. However, new and modern technology comes increasingly more to help the elderly or the disabled ones. Monitoring technology for elderly people can be extremely useful.

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