How to Decorate a Small Home in Scandinavian Style

Space and the sense of space

The lack of space and storage solutions play an extremely important role when it comes to furnishing and decorating a small home. You have to carefully think before starting your makeover project. Why?

Because, despite the lack of space you need a comfortable, stylish, and elegant home.

Modern Open Space in Scandinavian Style Design

Please read this post and check out the beautiful images from our new uploaded video.

We have selected there, more than fifty brand-new designer creations for a small Scandinavian style home interior design.

House Tours, #11 – Small Homes in Scandinavian Style Design (video)

What to choose? Scandinavian, modern, rustic, retro, or colorful?

Each design style has pros and cons. Many of them are not really fit for a small living space.

Others can be mixed to create a perfect environment for people with different taste or a different lifestyle.

A modern Scandinavian style design can be perfectly implemented in a few square feet. It is functional, practical, and has a stylish look. Just several rustic and colorful touches can increase the stylish and elegant look.

In the image compilation from our video, you will find amazing design ideas with nice details that will suit the small home interiors.

Photo by nuneBrowse living room ideas

The residential homes presented in the video

The beautiful homes showed in the video are detached single family homes. Brand-new and nestled in beautiful locations, some of them are surrounded by magnificent landscape.

However, they have something in common, namely the beautiful, creative design inspired from Scandinavian style.

The home interiors are soft color palettes such as gray, beige, sand, honey, cream, clay that make these small living spaces homey and inviting.

However, some of them are in a dramatic color palette such as dark blue.

Combining the natural and different shades creates an aesthetic peak in the interior without strong contrasts.

Several designer secrets and tips

  1. Start your furniture placement with the big pieces, then the small ones. For example, start the arrangement with sofa, coffee table, and storage furniture and after that with area rug, lamps, and curtains.
  2. Use the vertical space (walls) for modern paintings and/or photo collage.
  3. Arrange the small decorative accessories into eye-catching compositions.
  4. Place large decorative accessories such ceramic pots and vases in strategic positions such as corners or near the window.
  5. Feel free to combine the new with the old stuff. An interior furnished with modern furniture will look original and elegant when is combined with several vintage elements from chairs, ottomans to decorative objects.
  6. More than that. By combining different materials and textures, the home interior remains unique, natural, and spontaneously born.

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