A Living Rooms Gets Character from Modern Art and Colors

Great Living Room Décor with Large and Modern Paintings

If there is anything that put the final, artistic, finishing touches on the décor of your living room, then it is without any doubt the large, modern paintings and the accent colors.

They will completely change the look and will add something unique and personal to the overall décor.

They are the eye catching when you step inside.

Living Room with Large, Modern Paintings

After all, a beautiful, modern painting is usually something unique. Not everyone has the same thing in their home.

And because the living room is the space where we stay the most of our time, we need a living space that relax and entertain us. That is why the living room décor in particular, more than other room decors, is absolutely essential for us.

Walls are Important for the Overall Décor

In addition to the obvious choice of the furniture and decorative accessories, the walls are in the center when it comes to the décor. That is due to the large empty spaces.

So, these large empty spaces can beautifully be decorated with large paintings. This will bring a completely unique look to the décor. In other words, a nice finish in the decorating project of your living room.

Our New Uploaded Video

In the last time, people have begun to place great emphasis of their living spaces. Pictures, and especially large, modern paintings on the living room walls help to add a twist to the home interior décor, creating in this way a unique mood and spirit.

For that reason, recently we have uploaded a beautiful video in our YouTube channel, “Grig Stamate – Interior Design Solutions”.

Here, we have selected ones of the best decorating ideas for a modern and contemporary living rooms.

Watch the video and you will discover how a living room décor gets character and personality from the modern paintings and accent colors.

A Living Rooms Gets Character from Modern Art and Colors (video)

Modern Living Rooms and Accent Colors

If used properly, the accent colors have a successful result for any living room style and especially for modern style living rooms. A beautiful color spot breaks the monotony of a neutral background and complements the overall living room décor.

The color can be displayed in different items from decorative pillows to vases and can also be found in the colors of the paintings.

Incorporating a well-chosen accent color in the overall décor creates a warm and cohesive feeling.

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