How can You Label (Mark) Your Keys

Having two or three keys for your house is not a problem, but having a bunch of them can pose a problem. Imagine, having keys for your large household, relatives house, work and they look the same.

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How is it possible to distinguish between them?

It is very simple.

a)     You can use different colored plastic rings that fit easily around the key handle.

b)    Your neighborhood can cut for you distinctive colored copies.

c)     Today, you can buy funky keys. They look really interesting but are more expensive than cutting ordinary copies.

However, things become more complicated when you try to find the right key in a dim light. In this case, labeling them cannot help you too much.

a)     Gluing tiny swatches with different textures on that part of the key, which does not get into the lock, can help you.

b)    Use plastic rings witch fit different shapes.

c)     A professional key cutter from your neighborhood hardware store can help you. Cutting distinctive notches on the key handles can make your life easier.

d)    Use a hammer and an etching tool and engrave some imprints into the key handles.

e)     A simpler and easier way is to use a squeeze activated key-ring flashlight.

f)      Using a valet-style key ring can be helpful. It gives you the possibility to keep the keys organized in small groups such as, home, in-laws’ house, work.

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