How to Use the Remaining Buildings Materials

Whether you have built a house from scratch or just finished remodeling and upgrading your home, you’re likely to be left with building materials which is a shame to throw them because they cost money and you can reuse them efficiently.

Let’s see some tips to reuse different remaining building materials.

1. Ceramic Tiles

– Larger ceramic tiles are perfect for your kitchen countertop as carriers for hot dishes.

– Broken ceramic tiles and remaining ceramic tiles can be broken into small pieces and used as mosaic. How many things, you can create with this mosaic. mirrors or picture frames, to dress a coffee table, to give rein to your imagination and dress up a bathroom wall, …

– Using large and smaller broken tiles along with whole tiles, you can create paths and walkways in your garden.

– Tiles, diamond placed in the ground around flower rounds can create beautiful colorful fences.

– In any case, do not throw the remaining tiles. Better yet, you can donate to a school or kindergarten that perhaps needs renovation.

2. Bricks

– The best thing is to reuse the remaining bricks to lay down an alley in your garden.

– A good idea is to build a pizza oven in your yard.

– Alternatively, maybe you want to build an outdoor or an indoor fireplace.

– However, options for use of the remaining bricks are endless. For example, you can build a platform where you can place your flowerpots.


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3. Wood

Again, you should give rein to your imagination and creativity. You can use wood in countless ways.

– You can build a birdcage.

– From wood, you can build shelves for your workshop, closet. You can build bookshelves or you can build shelves for your shoes. Now, you can have a clutter free garage. You can build shelves, where you can keep your stuff inside of plastic boxes or wicker baskets.

– You can repair your wooden fence.

– You can make toys or photo wooden frames.

– Ultimately, you can use remaining wood to make fire in your fireplace or stove.

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