How Stucco Improve the Look of Your Ceiling

What is Stucco?

Stucco is a mixture of lime, sand and Portland cement. This composition forms a long lasting and durable construction material. When it hardens, stucco presents a very strong structure and therefore is used as mortar for masonry.

However, stucco is used mainly, in interior design. It has a natural gray color but you can get the desired color by mixing it with paint color.

Stucco, when is wet, is very malleable, and it can be easily molded in the desired shape. Therefore, we can say that stucco is the perfect material to create a beautiful ceiling.

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How to Apply Stucco

1. Prepare the room. Take off the furniture and protect the floor, laying down a plastic sheet.
2. Use green painter tape to protect the walls. Tape the top of the walls, around the edge of the ceiling. Later, you can paint the walls more easily.
3. Using a paint roller, apply a primer coat to your ceiling. The primer coat will facilitate stucco bonding on the ceiling surface.

4. According to the manufacturer instruction, mix stucco with water. Mix thoroughly the composition. For best results, use an electric mixer. Stucco paste must be uniform and lump-free.
When applying stucco, mix stucco paste from time to time. Do not allow it to harden before application.

Stucco Sprayer

5. Apply the stucco with a mortar sprayer. When you are done, allow it four hours to dry.
6. Apply the second coat of stucco.
7. Now it is the right time for your artistic inclinations.

– When stucco is still wet, you can use a paintbrush to imprint, draw, etc.
– Stamp different shapes in the wet stucco. Use cookie metal tools, or metal templates.

8. Using a plastic bottle, water the stucco from time to time for two-three days. This will help stucco to cure.