The Balance between Strong Colours and Pastel Shades

Strong colors, plaster and wood shimmering metallic effects – are a few aspects that belong to the latest trends in interior design. Finally we have the freedom and we can enjoy experimenting exotic patterns, and why not, to decorate rooms in Asian style or to bring the North – African atmosphere in our home.

It is important however, that the materials to be of high quality.

We live today in a “color phase”, the world has no limits, each of us travels in Asia, the Orient or in Africa, and there is facing a new world of colors and shapes. This new and exotic world is “integrated” slowly, in our homes.

If in the beginning the focus was on the nuances and by emphasizing of the furniture or accessories, now the look of the walls is extremely important. The courage to experiment with new colors, strong and strident colors has increased and is increasingly more in homeowner and designer preferences.

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Moreover, research has shown that there are two preferred colors of people who want to redecorate their home walls: red and green.

Also, the colors that were used once, in children’s rooms are used today in all the other rooms. For example, pink combined with shades of orange is quite common.

Pastel techniques, Mediterranean flair in moderate tones of yellow are replaced by strong colors, inspired by India, Indonesia, Mexico and China. Red, imperial blue, purple, violet and pink are in great demand. Only you should remember a very important thing; use just the optimal “dose” of color!

Living Rooms in Deep Saturated Colours | Decorating with Colors #12 (video)

However, it is not recommended that you to paint in red all the walls of a room. A colorful wall always needs a balance. Beige and very light pastel green are shades to “temper” the explosion of color. Furniture can also be a balance: a blue wall, which is a cool color, will fit perfectly with wooden furniture in warm hues.

And speaking of furniture; combination beige-brown-gold and bronze tones are in great demand. It is expressed through a close connection with naturalness, with comfort.

With regard to the materials, wood occupies a prime place in preferences. Instead, plastic or other synthetic materials are becoming increasingly excluded. Surfaces must inspire us a touch of tradition, which should not be confused with the rustic style.

The ordinary white gets something extra, namely shine. Thus it becomes more intense, get depth, glamour and a three-dimensional effect, and combined with shades of gray or sorbet – lemon, raspberry, apricot – is the ideal combination of the latest trends.

A smooth, slightly shiny plastering is replacing today a wallpaper or rough surfaces. However, a wallpaper with a futuristic design and large pattern or archaic is in vogue. Anyway we do not cover the entire room with wallpaper as it was done in the 70s and now only one wall is highlighted.

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