How to Boost Your Home Value with No Major Renovation

Because the real estate market is still competitive, you can get the most for your home by making it as move – in – ready as possible. There are some fast and affordable tricks to update your home.

An easy fix, is to try the newest paint color. Brushing on fresh coat paint, will make a huge impact on buyers, since it means one less expense for them. In addition, it brightens the rooms and helps eliminate odors from pets or cigarette smoke. Go for light grays, and taupe’s they are the hottest colors for living rooms and bedrooms. For kitchens, real estate surveys show buyers prefer pale yellow and soft greens.

You may have heard about changing the hardware on your cabinets, now you should go one-step further and replace light switch and outlet covers. By replacing them, your rooms will look much newer. For the most luxury look, you should opt for satin nickel or dark oil rubbed bronze finishes.

Today buyers want open floor plans, but many older homes simply do not have them. You can solve the problem by eliminating as much of your personal clutter as possible. This trick immediately makes rooms appear larger and more spacious.

Without your family photos staring back at them, it makes easier for buyers to picture themselves living in the home.

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Upgrade Your Bathrooms and Kitchens

Kitchens and bathrooms can look dated in just six to eight years, and they are the most expensive rooms to renovate. You can make just simple changes to impress your buyers.

Buyers still love seeing stainless steel in the kitchens. If you have an old fridge or dishwasher, you can give it an instant facelift. You can apply special appliance paint that leaves a smooth washable finish; or you can opt for easy to install covers, which attach with adhesive to the front and sides of any appliance.

If you have a plain bathroom mirror, you should try to replace it with a framed version from your favorite discount store. This is an easy way to make an older bathroom look current. Another idea is to replace your toilet seat with a brand new white one. When buyers see the bright flash of white, it will inspire a sense of freshness.

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Show Off Your Home to Its Best Advantage

Dark rooms are a buyer turn off. You can maximize your home light by removing heavy drapes and trimming back branches sledding windows from the sunshine. Also, replace your bulbs with 100 watts.

When potential buyers visit, have a chair in the entryway. Studies show it creates a comforting image of arriving home and sitting down to take off your shoes.

Another trick is to dab one to two drops of cinnamon essential oil on top of a couple of light bulbs, when the light turns on the bulbs heats up the fragrance inside of your home. Aromatherapy studies show the scent evokes happy childhood memories and activates the pleasure center of the brain.

Freshen the Color of Your Front Door

As long as it matches your home color, try to paint your front door in red or black, two colors buyers prefer. In addition, a fresh coat of paint conceals fading from the sun and scratches.