Small Apartments – Big Style

For everyone home is the haven, the castle so it’s not a surprise if you want your apartment to have a stylish decorating style. But how can you turn a small, tiny apartment into one with a big style? Hopefully, there are many and ingenious ways to decorate a small apartment and turn it into a home.

If you prefer to hire an interior designer be sure that you’ll choose the one who has the necessary experience of working with the elements of small living spaces. Moreover, if your home is quite cluttered, this will definitely make it look even smaller therefore you shouldn’t work with interior designs styles, which contain many accessories.

Color Palette

However, color palette is one main characteristic of making your small apartment feel larger than it really is. A wrong conception is that you suppose to keep your living space painted in white, especially when your rooms have a modest size. The good news is that you can add color and your apartment will look more spacious, with only one condition. You need to paint it in a monochromatic palette or with colors which similar brightness. For example you can try a beige monochromatic theme, or if you wish a wider color palette you should go with blue, purple or green that will have the same intensity and tone. Add character to your room by painting a wall in deep, intense, bright nuance, which will add depth giving the impression of being further away. One trick for making your room look and feel wider is to choose a hue for the walls that make them recede, such as blue-gray, which it is often used in this case. However, if you think that a gray paint is too depressing, you can use any cool tone of green or blue to get the same effect.

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Decorating Schemes

Make good use of space in your small apartment choosing adequate features that you can include in your limited living space. Choose decorating schemes that include lots of floating shelves and wired baskets and because they can be successfully used as additional storage. But in the same time these decorating schemes should be integrated in the overall design style.

Furniture and Accessories

Don’t use too many furniture pieces and select only the smaller ones. Use floor to ceiling shelves or floating shelves, which will make your room look larger, not to mention that they will allow you an extra storage. Add an unique appeal and character to your apartment by blending in selected items, so if you could go for a small settee, then you should include a big potted plant. This will make the room look more spacious than it really is .
Thinking about where and how you can arrange the accessories and furniture in your small apartment here a tip for decorating a small space. Your apartment can easily be improved when s decorated with Feng Shui in your mind.
Keep away the furniture pieces from the doors. In this way the space will look bigger.
These ideas allow you to decorate a small, even a tiny apartment easy and effortless. So give free rein to your creativity and imagination and make your small apartment seems bigger and charming.

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