How to Choose a Central Color Scheme for Your Entire Home’s Exterior

Choosing the right colors for exterior of your home can increase its curb appeal and the resale value. Matching colors can make an aesthetic impact, changing completely the overall look of your home. However, many old and historic buildings look great in their original colors marked by the passage of time.

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Let’s see a few factors to keep in mind when choosing the right colors for the exterior of the house:

1. Choose the Colors According to Your Neighborhood:

Make sure your home will look great in the generally look of your block. The colors will match with the overall look of your block, keeping in the same time its unique aspect.

2. Choose the Colors According to the Color of the Roof:

The color of the roof is critical in your decision of choosing the colors of the home’s exterior.

Roofs come in a wide range of colors, red, green, brown, grey, black, etc. They are made from different kind of materials, ceramic, wood, metal, etc. Some of the colors are flat, some are glossy and the texture is different for any kind of roof, which will greatly influence your choice.

However, life of a roof is minimum 25-30 years. Therefore, unless you are not making a roof upgrade, you need to choose carefully your home exterior color in accordance to your roof color.

3. Choose the Colors According to the Original Colors of Your Home:

Many old buildings are historic ones that still have the charm of their architectural style and era. You should preserve this style of other times. You need a professional help to recreate their original paints. Another option is to paint in the original colors but with modern paints. Pay attention to the exterior elements. Most of them are painted in contrast with the wall surface.

However, if your home is a historical home you need to gain approval before making any changes and the best is to ask for professional help.

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