Ombre Technique for a Stunning Interior Design

Ombre (shadow in French) technique or Ombre effect, as it is also known this painting method involves the use of tones in the form of shadows, which are intertwined one with each other.

 In general, in home interior design, most effects are obtained using dark colors that go gradually to lighter shades.

Let’s see some examples where Ombre technique is used to obtain stunning interior designs.

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Ombre Style walls

1. The combination of two colors

If you want to try something different and unique you can use this technique in painting your home walls. However, you should choose a different style for each room. It is completely wrong and visually disturbing, to paint all rooms in the same shades.

But returning to the combination of two colors, imagine a room decorated like a beach house or in a nautical inspired décor, where the combination of two colors, blue and white can be magnificent.

The wall base can be in dark blue that gradually and mysteriously disappears changing in sky blue and finally pure white takes its place. It is indeed a superb combination. These two shades fit perfectly in a holiday home or a beach house.

2. Using a single colour in more shades

The Ombre effect can also be achieved by using a single color in different shades. The secret is to start from base of the wall in darker tones that will open up as you advance toward the ceiling. Moreover you can better highlight the nuances by applying a white stripe between them.

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3. Painting does not have to be uniform

What is really great about this technique is that it gives you total freedom of expression. Moreover, small errors are faded in the general look. For example, you can paint a wall in a shade of yellow in ombre effect, but is not required to comply with the same height and the same emphasis on the other wall.

They are complementary, but may have distinct features.

Ombre style furniture

Ombre style painting technique can also be applied on the pieces of furniture that you have in your home. Depends on you and how wild is your imagination.

For example, the bedroom dresser can easily get out of anonymity with this effect, painting the drawers in different tones of the same colour.

Ombre style rugs

Banish the monotony of the living room or even from the bathroom or kitchen with a painted rug in ombre effect.

The fact that there is only one colour in descending tones or perhaps, more vibrant hues fused on a few square meters, this carpet will change total the monochrome look of a room.

This technique could change the look of your home and is indicated for you to be sure it is appropriate for the style of your room before applying it.