How to Clean the Filter of Your Washing Machine

It is extremely important to clean the filter on your front loading washing machine. At a first glance, it seems a difficult task but it is quite easy to clean it.

But why is it so important to clean it?

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When this filter is blocked the pump of the washing machine is blocked and therefore it fails to drain this appliance leaving your laundry inside of the drum almost soaking wet. Not to mention that many types and brands of washing machines are very sensitive and just a tiny quantity of debris or even fluff might be more than enough to block their filter.

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Risking to repeat myself cleaning the filter of your front loading washing machine is not daunting. You need only to follow several easy steps.

1| First make sure that the power to the appliance is turned off.

2| Look closely at the front of your washing machine. You will see a removable plastic panel at the bottom of the machine. This plastic panel has a small size, around 4 inches (around 10 cm) deep and it is usually, held in position by spring clips.

3| Put a hand on each end of the plastic panel and gently pull out the panel. At first you will feel a sort of resistance because the plastic panel is held quite firmly in place by the spring clips. Behind this plastic panel is located the washing machine filter.

4| It is relatively easy to spot your washing machine filter. It has a round shape and its front can be unscrewed.

5| Before unscrewing the filter, cover your working area with towels. Because your washing machine filter is blocked it keeps the water inside the drum and it is likely that you have a leak. Therefore, cover the floor and the surrounding area with a plastic sheet or towels.

6| When everything is prepared start to unscrew the washing machine filter cap. As you unscrew the filter cap, the water that is trapped inside the drum will begin to flow out.

7| Allow the water to drain completely. It will be absorbed by your towels.

8| When the inside of your washing machine drum is empty, remove completely the filter.

9| Examine the filter and you will see this filter full of debris and fluff. Hold this filter under a faucet and wash it thoroughly.

10| Allow time to dry and then screw the filter back into its place. Make sure the filter is securely screwed.

11| Push back the plastic panel that covers your washing machine filter. Press it firmly back into its place.

12| The filter is now completely clean and your washing machine will drain.