Tips How to Fix Your Electric Stove

At first glance, to repair an electric stove seems complicated, and only a technician or an electrician could deal with the problem. Indeed, sometimes it is a complex problem and requires someone qualified.

However, not always you need to pay an expensive technician. Most of the problems are minor and can be solved even by you.

Let’s see some tips that can help detect and solve the problem encountered.

CAUTION: Make sure your electric stove is unplugged before working on it.

1. Check the Burner:

If a burner does not work, it may be three reasons:

  • Your burner is bad.
  • It is a wrong connection inside of the burner socket.
  • It is a problem with the switch.

Checking the burner is easy; just replace the burner that does not work with another one that works. If this burner does not work either, then:

  • The burner prongs (named also the infinite switch) – if this infinite switch looks burned, it means you have a problem with the socket and you should replace the socket. However, if the infinite switch burns out, your burner does not work. Test the infinite switch with your tester (multimeter) set to RX-1. No readings – you need to replace the switch.
    The socket – Replace the burner socket if it is corroded or charred. It is easy. You need only to unscrew the screws that keep the socket in position and then you need to unscrew the wires. Next step is to reconnect the wires to the new burner socket.


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2. Check the switch:

Make sure your stove is unplugged.

Then, turn on the burner.

Take off the wire from the terminal marked H1.

Set your multimeter to RX-1 and place the black probe in H1 terminal and the red one in H2 terminal.

No reading means you need to replace the switch. It is very easy. You need only to unscrew the screws and remove the knob. Then install the new switch.

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